• It's time to relax

It's time to relax

Why Divyne Gift Baskets?

At Divyne, we pride ourselves with the best quality and service to our customers.  We chose the word Divine and changed the second “i” letter to ”y” to make it look different and stand out. Divyne, as we spell it, is to demonstrate the uniqueness of our products as it relates to the excellence and delightful nature of how we approach each of our gift baskets which we thoroughly curate with various high end products from reputable companies.

So why Gift Baskets?

A Gift Basket is a collection of products carefully selected and organized together and delivered or sent to another person on special occasions. The diligence and style of assembling a set of products in gift basket depends on the person’s experience and professional knowledge. Everyone wants to select a perfect gift for their loved ones, so the selection process has to align with who you want to deliver the gift to and what special occasion the gift is for.

Our gourmet basket has a variety of gourmet foods that will make you ask for more. The chocolate is made from the finest cocoa and other ingredients. Our caramel popcorn, nuts and cookies have a “divyne” taste. This gift basket is ideal for birthday, anniversary, thank you, sympathy, graduation, get well soon, employee of the month and other special occasions. Divyne’s specialty is on Gift Solutions for all occasions.

Call our Gift Solutions Specialist for Customized Gift Baskets that suites your needs.